Birthday wishes

Everyone loves receiving birthday wishes, especially when they are from the bottom of your heart. However, the person who sends birthday wishes frequently have problems with choosing the right words for the given occasion. This website is dedicated to everyone who looks for out of ordinary birthday wishes tailor made for the given purpose.
The website consists of numerous birthday wishes which are dedicated to certain occasions. Some examples of birthday wishes are: funny birthday wishes and belated birthday wishes.
For your birthday, I and my family are sending you
Sincere wishes from the depth of our hearts
We wish you cheerful, happy and always sunny days,
full of warmth and joy
what is more, We wish all your dreams came true …

Are you celebrating your birthday today?
So I wish you all the best,
The hope in your heart, faith in yourself,
Great-hearted fate and funny days,
sea of joy and boundless love.
All those wishes come from …

For your birthday everyone wants to wish you happiness.
I use this opportunity and I wish you happiness and prosperity,
I wish that all your dreams came true and I wish you that someone you love was near you.

For your birthday I wish you the sun on each heaven
I wish you the taste and smell of bread every day,
I wish you birds, butterflies and happy moments,
I wish you to had always green spring in your heart!

Today is such a day,
when sorrows go away
when dreams come true
Each person is sending you wishes:
happiness, health and success.
And I wish you love and happiness
and life without any troubles.
All the best for you wish you…

Today, I am sending you my sincere wishes for you,
I wish your life changed for better,
I wish you many friends and lots of love.
I wish you long-lasting friendship and kindness.
All the best for you wish you…

For your birthday, I wish you a lot of smile, tender love and sunny days
Successful birthday party and wonderful guests
healthy life and old age
a lot of joy in your life and heart!
All the best for you wish you…

I will not give you flowers for your birthday, although I have best intentions.
However, I am sending you the words that will fall in memory for a long time
I wish you luck, a lot of joy and a long happy future.
Let everything goes successfully and
Everything will be beautiful and perfect.

For your birthday
I wish you funny moments throughout the year,
Smile, joy and many guests
Health, happiness and prosperity
I wish you found the girl that will be the only one for you
A beautiful and smart girl
Who will respected you and never betrayed
I wish you will never miss the true love

birthday wishesFor your birthday I am sending you my wishes:
Real love
lot of fun
great orgasms
crazy ideas in your head
bed without vibrator
lover not an amateur
wallet full of green and successful life
All the best for you wish you…