Belated birthday wishes

Belated birthday wishes – the twenty-first century is a century of rush. People work long hours and they simply do not have time to visit their friends. Moreover, sometimes they forget about sending birthday wishes for their dearest friends. This website is dedicated to everyone who missed the special day of a friend or a family member.

I will not say that I was kidnapped,
I did not change the time zone,
I did not have a hangover for the last week,
but I must admit that I have forgotten of your birthday.
To make you up,
I am sending you belated, but sincere wishes.
All the best for you!

Time flies so quickly and I missed your birthday.
However, I’m sending kisses, gifts and best wishes a little late. I also wish you successes at work, patience to your spouse, time to rest and happy moments with your family and friends.

I am really sorry that I have forgotten of your birthday. My only excuse is that they occur only once a year.
Please, accept these belated wishes.
I sincere wish you good health, happiness, smile and I hope that all your dreams come true.

Despite your grey hair, you are still not so old that the date of your birth has been taught at history class. Take it into consideration and please forgive your forgetful friend and accept these late, but the best wishes of health, happiness, prosperity and fulfilment of your dreams.

My dearest darling,
thinking of you preoccupy my head all the time, but I totally forgot of your birthday …
I am sorry and I hope you will forgive me
and now finally I am sending you best wishes of prosperity, smile, health, and I wish you still remained such a wonderful person as you are now.