Funny birthday wishes

The majority of people who send birthday wishes for their friends as well as family members are bored with traditional forms of wishes. It seems that all wishes are the same. This website will help you finding suitable and funny birthday wishes for young as well as adult receivers.

For your special day – birthday
I wish you good luck,
the appetite to eat,
always sunny days,
no rain,
crazy ideas,
a lot of money,
a lot of children,
cool job and
a huge cottage!
All the best for you wish you…

For your birthday
I wish you:
100 years old,
100 smiles on your pretty face,
100 admirers in front of your house,
only Sundays in your calendar,
the great friendship and loyal friends,
I wish you joy today!

For your birthday, I wish you:
Laugh a lot, learn a little, cheat easily at tests.
Appreciate your advantages and disadvantages.
Have funny life without any tears.
And soon you will become the ideal person!

I am sending you the best and warmest wishes,
a great life on sunny days every day,
sorrows as small as ladybug,
a lot of happiness as huge as a dragon,
prosperity for another year,
and a lot of joy for every day!

Oranges and bananas let dance with you all day.
Let the bird chirps happily, let guests carry only bottles with alcohols.
Let hippopotamus come down from the tree, let Mariah Carrey sings for you.
And I am sending you lots of smiles and many hugs!